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Overall impact of the use of Pupil Premium (2015-16)

67% of pupils (6/9) made expected progress or better than expected progress from Key Stage 1.
This is the result of well targeted support and intervention which is focused on meeting individual needs.
Further use of pupils premium to subsidise enrichment activities has ensured that all pupils in all year groups are equal and fully included in the wider life of the school.
Support for our vulnerable families through our pastoral support worker has provided:

  • Family stability;
  • Continued improved pupil attendance;
  • Increased pupil self esteem and confidence.

Subsidised breakfast facilities continue to improve the attendance and punctuality of targeted pupils.  Improved progress and achievement through small group or 1:1 support delivered outside of the school day has resulted in outstanding progress for our disadvantaged pupils.  (Breakfast Club/Homework Club)
Our Pupil Premium Funding for 2016-17 is £78,882


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Impact of Pupil Premium

End of Key Stage 2 (2015-2016)




The sum of money we received for Pupil Premium in 2015-2016 was £75,380


At St. John Bosco School, Pupil Premium was used to provide:


  • Interventions using targeted Teaching Assistant Support;

  • Curriculum enrichment opportunities;

  • Extra curricular activities;

  • Subsidised music provision;

  • Pastoral Support for families;

  • Breakfast facilities

  • Family Learning

  • Parent Workshops