There are many aspects of school life that require effective management through the formation of policies and procedures.  Schools are obliged to follow certain protocol as set by the Local Authority as well as statutory regulations set by the Department for Education.  Key issues such as attendance, pupil behaviour, uniform policies etc. are managed at school level by adhering to our school based policies which are reviewed annually and ratified by the Governing Body.


The most common requested policies can be accessed via the individual links.

Breakfast Club

Our Breakfast Club runs every morning from 8am.  Places must be pre-booked and the charge is currently £2 per child per day.



Our Pupils are encouraged to learn how to play a musical instrument and we have wonderful specialist teachers who come into school each week to teach the Violin, Flute, Guitar, Clarinet, Drums and Chalumeau.  Places, however, are limited for this wonderful opportunity and we do have a waiting list of prospective musicians!



We have a KS2 football team (open to both boys and girls)  who participate in the Sunderland Primary league each year. 

We have taken part in many competitions and tournaments including: Tennis, Kwik Cricket, Rugby, Skipping.

Our Year 3 and Year 4 pupils have the opportunity to learn to swim at the Aquatic Centre (rotated each year)


Health and Welfare

It is VITALLY IMPORTANT that you provide us with up to date Emergency Contact Numbers for all children so that we can contact someone should your child fall ill or have an accident in school.  Staff are trained to deal with first aid and all accidents are recorded in school. You can inform us of any changes to your contact details here.


If your child has Asthma, it is important that you provide us with an in-date inhaler marked with your child’s name.   Inhalers will be kept in an appropriate place in the classroom and will be available to use whenever required.  It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that the inhaler is fully charged and functioning properly.


Medicines in School

In order to keep all children safe we ask you not to send medicines or tablets to school.  Prescribed medication can be administered in line with the school’s Policy for Administering Medicines.  Further information is available from the school.


Attendance and Punctuality

If your child is sick or away from school for any reason, please ring, call or write to let us know at once.  This is very important, as the school is legally required to report reasons for absence.  If you need to take your child out during the day, it is very important that you:

  • Let us know in advance
  • Collect your child from the main reception as children cannot be allowed to meet you off school property.
  • Sign the appointments register


If you are very occasionally unavoidably late, don’t worry—we would always rather children came to school late than not at all.  However, if your child was frequently late we would contact you to see if there was a specific problem with which we could help.  Because registration time is a vital part of the day when the day's plans are shared and explained, missing this session disadvantages children and can also be disruptive to the teacher and other children.



Dinner money is collected on Monday morning.  Please put it in a sealed envelope with the name of your child, their class and any other details.  (Envelopes are available from the School Office).  Should you wish to change arrangements, please let us know two weeks in advance. Parents may also pay online, via the Sunderland City Council website.


Some of our children bring a packed lunch.  Please note that we do not have refrigerated storage for packed lunches and ask that you bear this in mind when considering options.  We encourage pupils to bring a healthy packed lunch including a piece of fruit. 


Some families will be eligible to receive free school meals. All Applications should be made by parent/carer using the Family Portal at: 

The website has a user guide to support the claimant or you can also contact the team on 0191 561 1417 for additional support.



We hope to be able to resolve any complaint parents might have.  In the first instance, complaints should normally be made to the Headteacher, and in most cases we find that complaints can be dealt with successfully at this informal level.  If the complaint remains unresolved, parents may approach the Governing Body.  Full details of the process are available from the Headteacher.


Access to Documents

Documents required to be available are kept by the Governors and Headteacher and are available upon request:

Any Statutory Instruments (including those for national curriculum subjects), circulars and administrative memoranda relating to powers and duties under the ‘Curriculum’ Section of the Education Reform Act.

  •       Any published HMI or Ofsted Reports.
  •       Any schemes of work currently used by teachers in the school.
  •       A full copy of the curriculum complaints procedure.



All education during school hours is free and we do not charge for any activity undertaken as part of the National Curriculum. 


Voluntary Contributions

When organising school trips or visits which enrich the curriculum and educational experience of the children, the school will invite parents to contribute to the cost of the trip.  These contributions are voluntary, however, if insufficient contributions are received, we have the right to cancel any trip and will make this clear to parents from the outset.  Any trip may include children whose parents have been unwilling or unable to make any contribution.  These children will not be treat differently from any others and will never be excluded from a trip on that basis.

The school has a transport budget which covers the cost of educational visits each financial year. This budget is divided equally amongst year groups.  Once this funding has been used, voluntary contributions are essential in order to continue to provide educational visits. 


Free School Meals

All Applications should be made by parent/carer using the Family Portal at: 

The website has a user guide to support the claimant and they can also contact ourselves on 0191 561 1417 for additional support.



We organise weekly swimming lessons for Key Stage 2 pupils in Years 3 and 4 (rotated through the year) at the Aquatic Centre. As this is part of the curriculum, there is no charge for this activity.  Parents must give written permission and are informed of the session dates each term.


Books and Materials

We do not charge for books or materials except where parents have indicated that they wish to purchase the product. 


Music Lessons

We provide pupils with music lessons for which there is currently a nominal charge of £6 per half term. 


After School Clubs

We presently charge on a termly basis for after school clubs which is payable in advance.  We do not charge for Homework Clubs.


Residential Activities

We will charge for any residential activities which include board and lodgings.


Fund Raising

We occasionally raise money for school funds by organising various events and this helps to fund outings and buy equipment and materials.


NHS School Nurse Contacts
School Nurse:                             Lynne Hancock
Junior Public Health Nurse:          Gemma Leach
Early Years Practitioner:              Romana Oakes
They can be contacted on 03000031552


The following clubs offer opportunities to many of our pupils:

Clubs are charged on a termly basis in advance, apart from Homework Clubs, which are free


If you wish to pay for school meals, educational visits, breakfast club, after school clubs, music tuition etc. you may do so via the Sunderland City Council website,

using this link.


Please ensure you state your child’s name and what the payment is for.